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Countless times I have had mothers/nannies ask me about compensation on a sleep over. Nannies can be asked to spend the night so that the parents can take a break and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or maybe both parents just happen to be out on business trips. Whatever the case, it’s  not that common to find a nanny that will usually give of herself to this kind of service on a regular basis, mainly because some nannies have families and would much rather be with their own family.  So finding a nanny you can trust that does or can do a sleep over is usually a goldmine, so you want to make sure the compensation is worth her while incase you do decide you need that kind of service again.

 Different nannies charge different amounts but the average amount ranges on this scale, from the time the child is awake to the time the child goes to sleep (day hours), it’s usually the regular hourly rate you pay your nanny. Sleep hours (night hours) have a flat charge ranging from $100-$300 depending on how frequent your child wakes up during the night, how many children and the ages of the children. For example infants tend to wake up more frequently than 4year olds, so the compensation of an infant during night hours is usually more. But also there are some 2- 4 year olds that have a habit of having broken sleep nights and if that seems to be the case, then the charge can be just as much as an infant.  It’s just a matter of knowing the behavior of your children/child and compensating fairly based upon all of the above.


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