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Hiring a nanny is one of the greatest responsibilities one has as a parent. It’s well said that the child’s first two years are crucial in determining its physical and psychological growth. So this tells me that the nanny you choose has a potential of leaving a great impact on your child’s life. So I hereby cannot stress enough how important this is for you to pay close attention to the characteristics of the nanny you choose to hire to care for your child/children.  The following are some helpful characteristics you really want to pay attention to when interviewing.


-Happy, does she exude a sense of joy in the atmosphere? That’s one of the things to weigh when engaging in a conversation with the nanny, or is her countenance not drawing the confidence you need. The feeling of happiness is contagious and will be a great plus to share with your child. Well of course the nanny is entitled to stumbling across some “ not-so-good-days” but, at least 80% of the time your nanny needs to show some sort of appreciation to being alive. Don’t go with the  “eeyore-minded” person where everything seems to doom and gloom? Happiness does create a positive environment in the home that can help psychologically with children’s growth.


-Approachable– Does the nanny make it easy for you to talk to? You want to be reassured that you and your child can easily approach the nanny for anything, and not feel intimidated by the nanny. Make sure the nanny does not carry the do-not-disturb sign on her forehead. I have witnessed some scenarios where the children seem to be intimidated by the nanny and feel less sure on how to express themselves to the nanny. Hiring a nanny that is approachable makes it easier for both you and the child to express and communicate needs


-Honest– Is there sincerity to her life story? An honest and open character is what you must look for when interviewing a nanny. Listen closely and pay attention to the details of the interview and please take notes.

You need a nanny that is not afraid of letting you know she made a mistake, at least she was honest about it.


– Responsible-do you see a trend of responsibility in her personal life? You want a nanny that is proactive in their thinking. One that can give good judgments when it comes to making instant decisions when caring for your child. Things such as making sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, diaper is changed regularly, sunscreen is applied as needed and so forth is very important. If she seems to be irresponsible in her own life, more than likely she will not show responsibility when caring for your children.


– Witty– It may sound a little silly, but your children can always use a little laugh. Getting someone too serious might have your child feeling bored with a lack of creativity. According to the kids health Nemours Foundation, the January 2006 article  states that, Children with a well-developed sense of humor are happier and more optimistic, have higher self-esteem, and can handle differences (their own and others’) well. Humor chases away the blues and can go a long way with your child’s emotional behaviors.


-Patient- is one of the key characteristics a nanny has to acquire  especially when caring for children. You don’t need a nanny who loses their cool at a moment’s notice. When interviewing the nanny, make sure to bring up real-life scenarios like, what would she do if the baby would have an inconsolable cry, or what would she do if the child would decide to throw a temper tantrum in public? Or what how would you react when your toddler poos on his or her pants? Find out her views and depending on her answers, she will definitely expose just how much patience she would have with children.


-Can-do-attitude, hire someone who is willing to learn something new. One who shows confidence in what they do. That’s an attitude your child can learn to adapt, someone who looks at life’s challenges and still see a way out. An encouraging nanny to a child who seems to be distressed or frustrated with a toy or puzzle is a big winner, and not one who shows signs of giving up easily.





  1. lucy Says:

    very cool article. My nanny has every one of these characteristics!

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