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We can all appreciate children that are well cared for by either a daycare service or a nanny or whoever it is you entrust your child to while you are away. Children that are exuberant when dropping them to the caretaker or are excited to see the nanny is a great sign that the child is getting the care and attention it deserves. A child that talks about the caretaker is also a good sign, it shows that the child misses the nanny and we all know you only miss the ones you love. On the other hand, there are some signs to take into consideration that can raise a red flag towards your child’s caretaker.


  • Constant diaper rash, if your child is constantly having diaper rashes, it’s definitely a question of whether your nanny is paying close attention to your child’s diaper schedule. Any child that is being well cared for should not have a series of constant diaper rashes. But before you can assume negligence, find out from the nanny how often she changes the child’s diaper and or ask her to write down every time she changes the diaper. This is a sign that is not to be ignored.
  • Untidiness, if you notice your child is always unkempt, hair not brushed, or face, nose and hands not wiped, clothes looking raggedy and dirty throughout the day, then it’s certain, there is some sign of neglect.
  • Withdrawal, abnormal behavior of the child becoming depressed and antisocial, could also mean that possibly the child is not getting the attention it needs.
  • Hunger, now a hungry child is not completely a result of neglect, but is a sign not to be ignored. Some children have a tendency of refusing to eat when asked by the nanny, simply because the child might be holding back from the nanny’s instructions. But if your child seems to be hungry on a constant basis, find out from your nanny how often and what kinds of food she feeds your child. Draft a feed schedule form that lists times and what kinds of food.
  • Fear, if the child is always fearful when dropping him or her to the caretaker, then you definitely need to look into the matter.

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