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Firing anyone can be challenging because of the emotions involved during the procedure. There are reasons that a nanny should be fired, especially if it’s a situation that jeopardizes the life of your child.

These are some of the reasons a nanny should be fired or let go.

  • If the nanny has more than once neglected to buckle the child on the car seat.
  • If the nanny has more than twice dropped the infant.
  • If the nanny has left the children unattended in the house/park by themselves with no supervision
  • If the nanny is stealing from you
  • If the nanny has several times shown no regard for the child’s safety.
  • If the nanny has taken the initiative to strike your child without your consent in the name of discipline
  • If the nanny has sexually abused the child. (this is a police involvement case)
  • If your nanny has more than once forgotten to pick up the child/children from school
  • If your nanny is doing drug and alcohol abuse in your home
  • If your nanny sleeps when the children are awake
  • If your nanny has several times shown no regard to your instructions


Firing or letting go of the nanny should be handled cautiously to avoid ramifications. On the day you decide to fire the nanny, make sure you have the nanny’s paycheck ready, explain to her with proof why you are letting her go. Make sure you get your house keys, garage cards and whatever else belonging to the household. Depending on the circumstance, you may or may not choose to change alarm codes, garage codes, house locks.

Soon after, explain to your children the situation and why you chose to let the nanny go. If you will rehire another nanny, let her know about the nanny your fired and the reason you fired her for, so that the same mistake is not repeated twice.

If however, the reason of letting go of the nanny is not based on the nanny’s fault, but on an alternative child care route like daycare (which can be much cheaper) then it is fair to alert the nanny the other options you are looking into, and give her ample time notice so that she can find another job. It is understandable to make a financial wise decision if you feel the expense of carrying on with the nanny is too expensive, but be honest with your nanny. Some families tend to do look for daycares on the hush without the nanny’s knowledge, after the child has been accepted to the daycare, that’s when the family wants to fire the nanny. That is not the best way to deal with it especially if you are looking into having the same nanny babysit for you occasionally. Be upfront and have an open communication with your nanny, it will make your relationship between you and your nanny worth the while.

If you have to let your nanny go due to unavoidable circumstances, the employer needs to give a one month notice to the nanny if her services will no longer be needed and or a one month severance pay. Also let the nanny know that you are willing to give yourself as a reference for her and opting to help the nanny advertise on her behalf is a nice way of letting the nanny know her services were much appreciated.


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