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NANNY VACATION June 19, 2009

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 A full time nanny is legible for paid vacation, which consists of 10 working days or more per year, depending on what you both agree upon. When the family goes on vacation, the nanny is usually obligated for her full salary regardless. Keep in mind that she makes a living from this salary, if you decide to go to Asia for a month, she has to be compensated for that time.  Most parents especially who travel a lot tend to feel some kind of “loss” by paying the nanny for the times traveled feeling like the nanny gets too much paid time off. Quite honestly, she should not have to suffer for the times you decide to travel.

Other options some families come up with is, to try and coincide the nanny vacations with the family vacations if possible.  The only thing I find tricky about this move is that, the nanny is sometimes forced to take her vacation the same time the family goes on vacation, even when it is inconvenient for her. The best way is to perhaps let her make the decision of when she would like to take her vacation then you coincide with hers. Some times nannies can feel controlled as far as when they should take their vacation, instead of offering her the leisure of what works for her. A suggestion that might seem to work is to perhaps agree on allowing the nanny to take the week of her choice and the other week to coincide it with the family.


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