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A part-time position is made of 30 hours or less. The hourly rate or salary range of a part-timer is not any less than that of a full-timer. The perks that are usually not promised to a part-timer are, paid vacation time, paid sick time, paid family leave and medical benefits package. Under normal circumstances a part-time nanny should have paid public holidays that fall under her regular work hours. Now, you have a choice of honoring paid vacation, paid sick time, paid family leave and medical benefits as an incentive. Most part-time nannies are either students or people that are doing the job for a short period of time or perhaps don’t fancy the idea of becoming a full-time nanny. There is usually no standard commitment given to a part-timer, so in a way you as the parent and her as the nanny run the risk of pulling out at any time. In this case, you really want to make sure that both of you have really understood each other as far as commitment is concerned just so to avoid any mishaps. It’s also advisable to draft a contract that is feasible to both parties just to enhance a clear understanding of what is expected.




A full-time position is made up of 40 or more hours per week. A full-time package includes paid vacations, paid holidays, paid sick time and perhaps medical benefits if offered. In a case of a full-timer it is crucial for both of you to draft a nanny contract so that there is a clear understanding of what is offered as far as pay, work hours, nannies responsibilities and commitment. If at all you decide to change the hours to less than initially promised, be sure to communicate with your nanny way ahead of time. This allows the nanny some time to decide whether it would be feasible for her to continue with the position and or to come up with other options of filling in for the extra hours.


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