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I came across with article that i thought has really great tips on how to deal with strong willed/stubborn children.
The key is consistency, you and your caregiver have to be consistent on the methods you feel are suitable for your household. I realize not all households are the same and quite frankly not all children are the same even if they are brought up in the same household. A time-out might work for one and not for another. Learning your child’s personality is also important in getting them to do the right thing at the right time. You have to take to time to understand your child’s behavioral patterns on why they do what they do. Some children act out based on neglect and feel like perhaps doing the wrong thing is one way of getting your attention, others is because of the kind children they are around, children are like sponges and adopt behavior patterns based on what they are exposed to. What they watch also plays a part on their behavior. It could also be based on home affairs, if there is no stability in the home it shows on their behavior as well. And it also could be for the simple fact of just testing your parental instincts.Children can sense when you are vulnerable to disciplining them, so letting them get away with it two or three times can make it very difficult for you later on.
I found this article to be quite helpful but it will take alot of patience to make this work. Enjoy!,2&cid=cnn
Alot of facts come into play


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