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Back to school prep September 6, 2011

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Hey parents and caregivers, back to school season is here! As I speak to several parents and caregivers about this, the subject is often welcomed with three words.. ” I cannot wait”…lol. They cannot wait to send them off to school leaving their parents and caregivers handsfree and responsibility free, free from coming up with constant ideas on how to entertain your little ones, because school is a no brainer activity.
But are you really are prepared?,
Here are some tips to get you started.

Reset your schedules: often times during summer, schedules seem to be flexible due to travel, playdates, outings and what nots. Try and emphasize a routine that embraces the new school schedule a week before the actual first day of school.

Eating habits: eating healthy is essential for the little ones when going to school, focus on healthy snacks, protein breakfasts and vitamin dosages.

Immunizations: check with your doctor on the latest immunizations your child can take before going to school.if possible, get a dr appointment for your child’s annual
physical before school begins.

Let your child know: especially for the first time schoolers, you need to psychologically prepare them on what is coming. Videos and books are a great resource on preparing your child for school. For those that are on their second or third round, use their old school friends as an incentive to going back.

Organize: make sure you get it down the night before, lunch, clothes, backpacks e.t.c. As Parents or caregivers we take for granted on making sure we are organized. You had three months of not having to rush out and so the school season can be a rude awakening if not properly prepared. give yourself ample time. Overestimate your prep time rather than underestimate. It will save you from yelling and wanting to pull your hair out.

Be sure to discuss the routine with your little one over and over again, trust me it will make your back to school season a brez

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