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Create Memories September 22, 2011

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Hello there moms and dads! Being that I am currently a full time nanny to two very adorable children, my nanny life is always an adventure filled with laughter, cries, bribes, playdates, adventurous projects such as cooking, painting seashells…. E.t.c
Each of these things are cherished moments with the children. Sometimes it feels really great to have these moments that I tend to feel a sense of guilt as a nanny creating these everlasting joyous moments. Some part of me is proud to hear the children recite the memories of last month’s adventures, but also some part of me feels that perhaps they also need to be shared with the parents.
I understand that you have to work to try and make ends meet, but from my heart to yours please make time to create memories with your children. Fun activities are not only to be done with the nannies, but especially with parents. Do something that will bring a special bond between you and your little ones. I know that weekends are times yi probably want to wind down, but your child isn’t going to remain a child for long. Time really flies and you don’t want your child growing up remembering the fun things and places that only the caregiver brought about. On a personal level, my mother worked all the time, I rarely spent a lot of time with her. She was in and out of the country so often so it was up to my nanny to introduce me to adventures. As I have grown older, I realized how much I missed out hanging out and creating fun memories with her. Now she’s passed on and I really cannot rewind the time. Sure it’s tiresome being a working mother or father BUT you are a parent first before you are a CEO, sales executive and so forth. I must give parental kudos to Kimora lee Simmons, mogul, mum, model with various hats of entrepreneur opportunities. In all of that she still manages to give of herself 100% as a mother to her three children. Sure she does have the money to hire anyone she so desires, but to see her breastfeed her newborn (kenzo) at a essence magazine photoshoot was priceless. Even though she was late, her child came first! You can pay for quality care, but you can’t pay for quality parent sentimental
memories. So get out your icalendars and pencil in a date of a lifetime with your children that will be remembered always. Not just one time but enough times. Remember it’s ok to tell your nanny, once in a while, ” I would like to take tomorrow off and just spend quality time with my children”. Sure they will get on your nerves, but they are your children! Even though I never spend that much time with my mother, I cherished the times she would take me out of school for a couple of days and whisk me to a trip to London… Ahhhh! I hold those memories dear to my heart because I know how it made me feel as a child.


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