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twitter May 30, 2012

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King’s Speech is personally one of my most favorite movies of all time for various reasons. As i watch it time and time again, it’s so disturbing to hear him confess the reason of his stutter was due to his abuse from his nanny. The sad thing about this is that he says it took his parents three years to notice his abuse from his nanny.

In my book “How To Get The Best Out Of Your Nanny“, I list signs that show that your child are not well cared for. There are psychological behaviour patterns that your child acts out that can be major signs that your child is being abused.

As a parent if you suspect and notice a major difference in your child’s psychological behaviour, please take the time to investigate further.
Personally, all my life i was raised by a nanny. I had a great nanny, my mother was away most of my life traveling in and out of the country for work purposes. I can imagine if i had an abusive nanny how that would impact me negatively as an adult. Therefore as a nanny i realize the major importance of giving children love and quality care, I now have the chance to give back what I got as child, quality care.

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NANNY GETS BURNED!!!! May 24, 2012

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This is absolutely unbelievable!!!!!

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Sharon Stone’s former nanny sues!!!

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I personally think the nanny should have left the moment she received the racial slurs. No nanny should have to endure any client making such remarks towards them regardless of whether they are a celebrity.
I also think that her work schedule should have been communicated during the interview and an agreement to compensate on additional hours should have been discussed from the get go. In my book “How to get the best out of your nanny“, I discuss “being upfront with your nanny”. Communicate with your nanny if you would like her to work overtime ahead of time, its important to show your nanny that you respect her personal time. Do not always assume her schedule!!

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Summertime is fast approaching and parents seem to be scratching their heads on what they can do this summer in order to keep their children occupied and entertained.
I always encourage educational fun activities for children that will keep them occupied and entertained.
Children have to be motivated and have their minds and bodies stimulated. Providing them with opportunities to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom is vital.
Here are some of the activities I encourage during summer:

Join or create a kids Book club- make a sticker chart and reward a star after you have finished reading a book. It gives the child a sense of accomplishment and in return they get to learn something.

Plant a garden in your backyard – children always find it fun to be able to plant something nurture it and see it grow and better yet have it for dinner…

Create a lemon stand- it will teach them how to count money, how to save and spend wisely

Outdoor activities -such as doing chalk, improves creativity and teaches the younger ones how to identify color. Playing hopscotch is fun and children can learn how to count and identify numbers, riding their bicycles, helping them identify different flowers and plants are some of the great ways to encourage outdoor activities.

Visiting the zoo- helps the children learn about animals and help the children read the zoo maps. Plus it’s also a fun activity for them to enjoy.

Visit a michael’s craft store or home depot- some of these stores host craft activity days for children. Children learn by building or creating something cool.

Join a cooking class- children learn how to cook and bake various foods

Make tie and dye shirts- this is one of the coolest activities for children to make their own shirts

Visit museums- some places have great children’s museums that offer a wide range of creative things to learn from and great play structures to play on.

The art of sharing- take time to bake with your children and then go around your neighborhood and share them. It’s one of the finest ways children can learn how to share and care with others.

To be successful in making sure you meet the need of making sure your child is occupied this summer, please pencil in your plans. It helps a lot in keeping your summer activities organized and less hectic.
Also, if you can, create a keepsake journal with pictures of activities done during the summer, your children will appreciate that even when they are older.

Remember safety first, when visiting largely populated places, try and go over safety rules with your children, reiterate to them that they are not allowed to run out of your sight. Also try as much as possible and dress them with super bright shirts, it will be easier to identify your children amongst a large crowd of people.

Have a safe, fun summer

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It has been proven that reading is a vital tool need in building a child’s developmental skill which also serves as a rewarding activity both personally and intellectually. Experts recommend reading to your child daily for at least 15 minutes a day.

Reading also helps foster an appreciation for entertainment and educational values found in books, increases their vocabulary, fires imagination skills and introduces new concepts as well as experiences.

According to the national academy of eduction and the national institute of education, a study examined in improving child development and literacy concluded that the single most important thing parents and teachers of early learners can do to build literacy skills in children is to read aloud to them.

A child’s brain makes the most connections among its cells before the child turns 10. This is also the time when he/she is able to absorb learns language best. So from infancy, we need to take full advantage by helping a child develop effectively by reading. A baby’s brain thrives on stimulation and develops at a phenomenal pace, nearly 90% of the first five years of its life. The best and easiest time to learn a language is during the infant and toddler years when the brain is creating thousands of connections, allowing the child to learn both the written word and spoken word simultaneously.

“Your Baby can read” is a one of the most talked about and most effective programs available for your little improve reading and language skills. Its a complete 5-level DVD early language development system that contains 5 DVD’s, 5 sets of sliding word cards, 5 lift-a-flap books e.t.c the programs are fun and engaging and they introduce early learning concepts like colors, numbers, patterns, shapes, prepositions and music all proven to be effective in helping broaden a child’s developmental skills.

I recommend the “YOUR BABY CAN READ” program, visit the website


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