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King’s Speech is personally one of my most favorite movies of all time for various reasons. As i watch it time and time again, it’s so disturbing to hear him confess the reason of his stutter was due to his abuse from his nanny. The sad thing about this is that he says it took his parents three years to notice his abuse from his nanny.

In my book “How To Get The Best Out Of Your Nanny“, I list signs that show that your child are not well cared for. There are psychological behaviour patterns that your child acts out that can be major signs that your child is being abused.

As a parent if you suspect and notice a major difference in your child’s psychological behaviour, please take the time to investigate further.
Personally, all my life i was raised by a nanny. I had a great nanny, my mother was away most of my life traveling in and out of the country for work purposes. I can imagine if i had an abusive nanny how that would impact me negatively as an adult. Therefore as a nanny i realize the major importance of giving children love and quality care, I now have the chance to give back what I got as child, quality care.

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