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How to chose a good baby stroller June 26, 2012

Baby strollers are one thing that you cannot do without, so choosing the right stroller to suit your needs is very important. With alot of variety to choose from, you must first assess your lifestyle needs. Choosing the wrong stroller can be very frustrating and inconvenient. Also before you can buy a stroller, always go on the web and check for customer reviews, you always want to hear from a person that has experienced it. Here are some of the things to consider when shopping for one

Safety features:
A child’s safety is always number one on the list of consideration when buying any baby paraphernalia. check out the braking system, the harnessing system, a five-point harness system is always best. look out for pinch points and sharp objects.

After being a nanny for over 19 years, i have come to realize that its always about convenience, a stroller that opens up and closes easily is a fantastic stroller. Taking care of a little one is hard work, so who needs to add more difficulty by buying a complex stroller?

I have dealt with strollers that have minimum storage space. Not good!! You need a stroller where you are able to store as much as you can, not necessarily overload, but being able to have enough storage pockets are a plus to have

Check out how it drives, how does is maneuver? make sure it hugs the corners smoothly when pushing it. Also make sure it rides on bumpy roads smoothly and that its easy to push. If you live in a hilly and steep community, you want to make sure that the stroller can adopt to such conditions.

Does the handle adjust to suit the height of the one pushing it? Does the seat adjust from sit down position to a lie down position? in case you are out during nap time, you want to be able to know that you can adjust the stroller accordingly. Do the harnesses adjust easily? These are some of the questions to consider

Additional features:
Features such as trays and cupholders are great to consider when choosing a stroller, you always want to know that you can add those features when need be.

Here is a link to one of my favorite strollers:

Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller, Sand/Stone

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  1. fadeke Says:

    I came to your website through another website it was interesting and well laid out.good job.

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