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FAMILY NIGHTMARE October 29, 2012

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I have to admit, this has probably been the worst nightmare that has ever take place in the nanny industry.. I have really cried upon hearing this dreadful news.. My heart and prayers goes out to the mourning family that lost their two beautiful children in this most tragic event.. never to be forgotten…

It seems like the nanny had been facing some challenges in her life that she obviously brought to her work place and caused her do this incriminating act of murder to the children she was taking care of. There is simply no acceptable excuse for what she did. As I follow the story, it seems that the family had noticed a change in her behaviour and requested that she would see psychological help.

In my book “How to get the best out of your Nanny” I talk about “nanny characteristics for hire” I also list “tell-tale signs during a nanny interview” it is vital that you as the parent hiring to pay attention to certain behaviours during the interview and also in the course of the nanny working for you. Don’t ignore the signs!! A source in the news, says that the family the nanny worked for recommended their nanny to babysit for their friend as a side gig, but did not go forth with hiring her because they noticed that she was “grumpy”.
It’s important that the nanny you hire is psychological and mentally fit for the position, pay attention to her moods, talk to her about her life outside of work, go out for dinners once in a while and get a feel for what is really going on with her, create the atmosphere of an open relationship with you where she can feel she can talk to you about herself. These are very important, especially since she is caring for the most priced possession you will ever own.

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  1. Larissa Says:

    You are right!
    The work of a nanny goes beyond changing diapers and entertaining the child, I believe in the same thing! You would like my page here:

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