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The nanny industry can be a very unpredictable considering the fact that nannies are mostly a luxury to have in any household.
Even though a nanny is not someone that can be replaced at any moment due to sentimental values, the position is still not secure.

As a nanny you want to make sure you always have your resume updated, familiarize yourself in the nanny industry, renew your certifications and make sure you connect with other nannies In your area.

If you are a parent reading this, in my book ” How to get the best out of your nanny” , I also have a chapter that lists signs that your nanny has lost interest in her job which is a must read to help you understand your nanny better.

So here are five tell-tale signs that you should keep on your radar that indicate your nanny position might be over.

You and your employer MUST communicate. To avoid misunderstandings and assumptions, both parties must communicate. In my first book “How to get the best pit of your nanny” I have a chapter that I have written on communication, it’s importance and how it’s affects the children and the relationship between nanny and parent. If your boss stops communicating the obvious on a consistence basis, then that is something to watch out for. Lack of small talk amongst yourselves is also a give away that something could be brewing. If you used to be invited to family dinners and parties and are no longer considered in those family get togethers, then that is also a sign. Lack of eye contact, rushed conversations and no communication on how much they appreciate you is a sign not to be ignored.

When situations seems to be taking a turn, a lot of mistrust develops between the nanny and her employer. You will begin to see things such as a change of code with the alarm or garage without warning, lack of access to computer, a sudden request of a daily log on what you do with the kids, a sudden request for every receipt, false accusations of things gone missing, locked doors to certain rooms without explanation, house key request with a phony excuse, frequent unwarranted visits by neighbors and friends and so on and so forth. Without trust there is no relationship and without relationship even a business relationship there can be no progress in your nanny career.

Pay close attention to how your employer’s behavior is projected towards you. He/she was once cordial, understanding and friendly towards you, they used to greet you with a heavy smile when you came in to work every morning, they would express their gratitude and appreciation when you went home for the day and now they seem not to be happy to see you in the morning, conversations between you and them are a struggle, they now seem to show and express their disappointment on every little thing you do and they stop being appreciative. These are clear signs of behavioral change that can tell you your position as a nanny is at stake.

Even though this seems to have no harm, you will be shocked at how many nannies have ended up losing their positions because of grandparents. A lot of families want to save money and the coat of having a nanny can be pricey because remember it’s a luxury to have one, so lots of parents end up seeking the help of their parents so as to help cut back on nanny pay. Most of the time if the grandparents have moved in, it’s more than likely they will be taking on your position, even if it’s not full-time, your are sure to have your hours cut back so don’t ignore this sudden change.

This is usually the most obvious. If one of your employers lose their job, it becomes more than likely that the expense of having a nanny is usually the first to be cut off. Like I said earlier, a nanny is a luxury expense so without the finances it becomes impossible to compensate the nanny. This becomes very sad to the nanny and the employer. The positive side to this excuse is that the nanny is sure to still have a great reference for her next job.



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