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ENCOURAGE MORE– be a better encourager in 2013. Nothing contributes to a child’s development than encouraging words and actions. Children are always looking to be affirmed and acknowledged in everything they do. So make it your duty to show them you care by using encouraging words.

HUG MORE– you might not be the affectionate mother or caregiver but affection has always seemed to nurture the emotional aspect of every human being in a positive way. I hardly hear of kids going bad due to lots of hugs and kisses. So in 2013, hug your children more.

TALK MORE./[+”\- find out more about your children by talking to them. I always encourage a conversation with the children I care for by asking questions about their weekend/ school. Don’t rush the conversation and don’t accept yes or no answers. You will be surprised how open they can get. Also when talking to your children, don’t shut them down or tell them how crazy that sounds. Keep the lines of Communication open with your children and using words such as ” that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard” is no way going to improve your communication.

EAT TOGETHER MORE- a family that eats together stays together, this year find time and ways to gather round a table and eat together. Something about that just seems to bring bond between you and your kids. If you are a caregiver, try doing lunches or snacks together, it’s amazing how kids feel a lot more drawn to you during these times.

EXPRESS YOURSELF MORE- Parents or caregivers, don’t shy off by telling your children you love them. As a nanny, I make sure I let my child(lol)know that I love her when I drop her off to school. Even if the morning has been hectic with temper tantrums and emotional sighs, I still let her know I love her because at the end of that day, that’s all that matters.

So parents and caregivers, sit back, relax and enjoy life…
Cheers to 2013!!! Now let’s make a positive difference in their lives.



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