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NANNY REPORT CARD March 27, 2013

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It is important that you take a moment yearly to evaluate your nanny’s job performance in order to give accolades or identify areas for improvement.
The nanny report card is designed to facilitate communication between the nanny and the parent. Communication is the vane of most relationships, an effective open dialogue between the parents and the nannies will yield the greatest results in the child.

In my book “ How to Get the Best out of your Nanny” I talk about the importance on communication between a parent and a nanny. For the parents to get the best out of their nanny, they must communicate! Parents that fail to communicate end up in a soured situation that can easily leave a “dent” on the child’s behavior pattern. Children tend to feed of of our emotions, so if they feel there is tension or a negative reaction to how you treat your nanny, it will show in their behavior.

In addition the report card can be used to honor the nanny with an annual raise and or bonus based on performance and appreciation. So having a report card is a great way to allow the nanny to see how well she performs since communication is a two way act of imparting or exchanging of information I have also written a report card that a nanny can use to evaluate the parents as well. Nannies sometimes feel that there are things they can communicate that will help make the job easier and fun especially for the sake of the children.



1. Do you feel that your nanny is attentive to the child’s safety?

If not, how should she improve?

2. Do you feel that your nanny is meeting your child’s needs?

If not, what do you suggest she does to improve on meeting your child’s needs?

3.Do you feel like your nanny is attentive to your child’s hygiene?
(diaper changing, bath, nail clipping, washing children’s hands.. etc)

If not, what should she do to help improve on your child’s hygiene?

4.Do you feel like you nanny is engaged in appropriate play and activities that help in the child’s growth?

If not, what do you suggest she should do to help her engage the children?

5. Do you think that your nanny is involved in preparing healthy nutritious meals and snacks for the children?

If not, what types of meals and snacks would you like to see her give the children?

6. Do you feel like your nanny shows warmth, love and care to your children?

If not, in what way would you like her to show your children she cares?

7.Do you feel like she disciplines the children according your wishes?

8. If not, give examples of some scenarios where you feel she did not


1.Does your nanny arrive to work on time most of the time?

If not, would you like her to improve on her punctuality?

2.Do you feel like your nanny is dependable and reliable?

3.Do you think your nanny shows professionalism?

4. Does your nanny communicate effectively to you about the welfare of your child?

If not, how should she improve?

5.Do you feel like your nanny’s personal life interferes with her job?

6.Do you feel like you can trust your nanny with confidential private family matters?

7.Does your nanny pay attention to the instructions given to her?

8.Does she show initiative and effort towards her job?


1.Do you feel like your nanny shows maintenance to your house to your satisfaction?

2.Does your nanny clean up after your children at the end of the day?

3.Does she do the laundry to your satisfaction?

4.Are the meals prepared on time?

5.Does she do the housekeeping to your satisfaction?

Areas of strengths:

Areas of improvements:


1. Do your clients come home to release you on time?

2. Do your clients respect your personal life?

3. Do your clients communicate effectively?

4. Do your clients provide the materials needed to make your job easier?

5. What can they do different to make you improve your nanny skills?

6.Do you feel like your suggestions are well received?

7.If your clients work from home, do they respect your time alone with the kids?

8.Do the clients respect the schedule you have with the children?

9.If you are a live-in, do your clients respect your privacy?
10. What do you feel your clients should improve in that will make your communication better?



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