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About May 18, 2009

My name is Lynn Wariara and  I am currently writing a book on “how to get the best out of your nanny”. This book is geared towards households  that are on the verge of considering hiring a nanny for their children. 

Because I have been privileged by being in the nanny industry of over 17 years plus, I have felt obliged to write a “how to nanny guide” that I feel would help bridge the gap of understanding between the parent and the nanny. I feel it’s so important that the confidence between the two be restored because the reality is, there are some great nannies out there that have the heart to actually care for children, and so in my book I talk about the interviewing process, characteristics to look for, tips on successful nanny training, compensations and so forth which i believe will be able to help “shine the light” so to speak and to also help bring an assurance to the parent knowing they have made the right choice.

Please feel free to ask any question, add any comment , share any experiences or give any suggestion  in regards to any nanny/parent info you may have. Also visit my website at


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Hi Lynn — Great blog! Do you have a preferred email address? I’d like to send you a brief message, and I’m not sure a blog reply is the proper place for it. My name is Nathan, and my email is

  2. Fantastic blog: love the blog “Do you understand your child’s language of love?”

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