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I’m not usually a fan of reality tv programs, just for the sole purpose of avoiding the luring feeling of watching every episode. But there is one that has managed to capture my attention and for a number of reasons. “Bethenny ever after”, stars a new yorkan talented entrepreneur (bethenny frankel) who balances her life as mom, wife and business mogul. As a side note, I always find myself amazed at women who are able to balance their personal life and a successful business life and be good at it. In this case, what has really caught my attention is the relationship that bethenny and her baby nurse/nanny have… Gina is her baby nurse whom she hired to have as her help when bryn(bethenny’s first daughter) was born. Usually baby nurses are around up to a month or less but in this case gina has been working indefinitely!! which is not a bad thing at all, infact, its a plus for both of them. What really struck me was the way the relationship they all had!! Amazing!! is all i can say… Its a relationship that all nannies would dream of having with their clients. I always stress about nanny/parent communication which is extremely vital, DON’T just communicate with your nanny when you only have something to say that is baby related, get to know your nanny!! Encourage open lines of communication, get to know her family, her likes, her dislikes and who she really is. Bethenny and gina’s relationship is respectful and honorable, She(bethenny) has taken gina(a trinidadian lady) in as part of her family, In one episode gina had no problem letting bethenny know about her ┬ápersonal issues that included some of the things she was undergoing with her ex husband. On another episode, bethenny takes gina out for a pedicure for her birthday has a cake ordered and celebrates with jason(bethenny’s husband) and of course baby Bryn, the act of kindness and appreciation brings gina to tears. Bethenny( NY times bestseller and celebrity natural food chef) is not embrassed to show appreciation to her nanny in public despite her status.

This kind of treatment,respect and appreciation is the prime decision to why gina seems to dig in her heels and be the quality care provider for baby Bryn. Gina is happy, baby bryn is happy and everyone’s happy!!! Bethenny has managed to get the best out of her nanny and baby bryn is now the ultimate recipient of a nanny/parent relationship gone great!!!

Show appreciation and interest in your nanny’s affairs… I guarantee you, it will go a long way.. Invest in your children by showing them you care for the one who cares for them. I often see alot of adults care more for the one that cares for their cars than for those who care for their children. A nanny should not be looked down upon and treated like a third wheel, but someone whose career should be taken with respect.

Kudos to you bethenny for setting the standard!!!


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