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Hiring a nanny can be a very overwhelming task to take on, but with a simple help guide explaining the nanny interview process, the result can turn out to be very successful and rewarding to both you and the child.


When thinking of hiring a nanny, a lot has to be put into consideration. Assessing decisions such as, salary you are willing to invest, the hours required, the duties or responsibilities that should be undertaken, live-in or live-out, interest in share-care (which is sharing a nanny with two or more families) all need to be decided BEFORE parents can seek out a nanny. 

When arranging for nanny interviews, you want to make sure you ask the appropriate questions that will  give you the feedback you need to help you make the right decision. Nanny interviewing can seem inundating especially when it seems you are drowning with a pool of responses. Pick out your top five responses and start with your phone interviews. I advice to always go with phone interviews first before scheduling a one on one, just so you can both agree on the basic requirements.

These are examples of questions  or information you need to both agree on over the phone before you meet:

–       Let the nanny know the job description in detail of what you and your family are looking for.

–       The hours and days of the week you are looking to hire.

–       What you require of the nanny, for example a driver’s license? a car? Specific languages and so forth.

–       Pets? (if you have any pets let them know ahead of time in case they are allergic)

–       Make sure that language is not a heavy barrier in your communication. Not being able to understand each other can be very frustrating down the line and can affect your communication greatly.

–       Discuss the compensation you are willing to offer or the salary desired by the nanny. Don’t wait to meet to discuss the pay.

 If all of these seem to check the list, then you might want to take this to the next step by scheduling a time where both of you can meet. It does not necessarily have to be at your home , you have the option of meeting at a café, restaurant or at any other place that seems convenient for the both of you.  Some families are not able to meet outside of the house for the one on one interview due to scheduling conflicts, so doing the second interview at home is just fine.

The regular time lapse when interviewing a nanny can be anywhere from ½ hour to one hour, depending on the flow of the interview. When interviewing a nanny you want to make sure you create an atmosphere that is less intimidating as possible because the less tense it is, the more open your candidate will be and a better chance for you to really get to know the nanny’s personality which can help in making a better judgment in choosing your nanny. 


During the live interview, start by reassuring the conversation you had with her over the phone, which is job description, hours, duties and the salary agreed upon.

–       Explain to the nanny about the family and children.

–       Ask the nanny about herself and her experience with childcare and ages she has cared for.

–       Discuss with the nanny the list of questions you have for her which include professional questions, hypothetical questions and personal questions.

–       Ask the nanny for any specific questions she may have regarding the position.

If they seem interested in this candidate, let them know that you will be running a background check on them and that you will be calling up their references.


Following this pattern can help with your interviewing  process and will contribute to making it less overwhelming as possible.




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