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ATTITUDE- A great attitude goes a long way, an attitude carries an altitude of how you will proceed with your day. An attitude is contagious and as a nanny you become a role model to the children that are under your care, so a positive attitude is vital.

BELIEVE- As a nanny, you must believe in what you do. A great nanny is unable to reach her maximum potential unless she can believe in her skills.

COURAGE-its defined as a quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc. Courage is a characteristic a nanny must have in order to be effective in caring for children. You cannot be afraid, or else the children pick up on it and adopt it as their own characteristic.

DETERMINATION- you must be determined to make a great impact in the children’s lives. You must be able to have the capacity to establish the right guidelines in a child’s lives.

EFFERVESCENCE- you have to portray an enthusiastic behavior towards the children you care for. Children need to know that they can be free to express themselves without being put down

FRIENDLY- a nanny that shows kindness will find it easier to relate with children. In order to build a trustworthy relationship with the children you have to prove to be friendly.

GREGARIOUS- you have to be a nanny that is sociable and willing to be in the company of other nannies.

HONEST- they say honesty is the best policy. Being able to be honest with your clients is a valuable character that no money can buy. Honesty creates an open line of communication, which is what you want

IMAGINATIVE- you have to be creative and be able to come up with ideas on how to keep the children busy and entertained that will instill both educational and developmental skills.

JOYOUS- A happy caregiver makes a happy child. A sad countenance relays insecurity towards the children, so making sure you are happy in the presence of the children is very important

KNOWLEDGEABLE- A nanny that is knowledgeable can be very valuable to the family she works for. Take time to keep yourself updated on safety concerns, health foods, e.t.c

LOVE- is what they say makes the world go round. A nanny without love is like the day without the sun. Love promotes growth in the inside and out. Children need to be loved.

MATURITY- A nanny must also prove that she can be able to psychologically respond to a circumstance or situation in an appropriate manner.

NURTURER- children need to feel nourished emotionally, so it is important for a nanny to cultivate a nurturing spirit

OPEN-MINDED- being able to be receptive to ideas in a moments notice is essential. Children love to come up with creative imaginative ideas and having a nanny that can be pliable and open-minded is ideal.

PATIENCE- Is having the ability to bear, no nanny should ever care give without the ability to bear with children’s unpredictable behaviors. This is one of the most important characteristics every nanny must have.

QUINESSENTIAL- if you can represent the most perfect or typical example of what a caretaker should be, it will definitely be of value to the children you care for. They will carry that example for the rest of their lives and will probably practice the views they have learned from you to the people around them

RESPONSIBLE- a nanny has to prove to be accountable and have the capability to make mature rational decisions.

SUBMISSIVE- a teachable spirit goes a long way. Being able to listen to your employers is valuable. Remember you are hired to enhance THEIR family values not lead yours.

TIME-MANAGEMENT- without having the ability to manage time, developing an effective schedule or routine is impossible. Children are most responsive to routine so the ability to be time conscious is a plus

UNIQUE- what positive thing or character about you makes children drawn to you? You cannot a strong effective nanny if you are looking to compare or compete with other nannies.

VIGOROUS- a nanny has to possess physical and mental strength.

WITTY- laughter is medicine to the soul. Being able to characterize humor is important to the children.

X-RAY- examine yourself daily. Are you emotionally/ mentally stable and capable in giving yourself wholly to children without losing your cool in a moment’s notice?

YIELDED- be a nanny that is willing to give yourself as required to the children needs.

ZEALOUS- You cannot be an effective nanny unless you are passionate in what you do. When you are zealous about care giving it becomes more than just a duty, it becomes a true passion.



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Seven ways for a Nanny to keep healthy March 7, 2012

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Seven ways for a nanny to keep happy and healthy

There are lots of nanny job descriptions that require nannies to be “fun and energetic”, so my concern is how are you as a nanny keeping yourself energized and positive so as to create a loving care giving atmosphere for the children you are taking care of? A happy nanny spells out happy children. I am reminded of the flight instructions given by the air hostesses before take off, “ when the oxygen mask drops, make sure you fasten yours first before you can help anyone else’s”. I used to think, “what a selfish thing to say” but every time I flew I found myself thinking more and more about the instruction prompted. You cannot really be of much help to anyone unless you are first taken care of. You cannot give love unless you first love yourself. You can only give what you have. So with all this said, I have come up with seven ways you can keep yourself balanced, fun and energetic so that you can have all that it takes to be the nanny you need to be.

1. Meditation- take time each morning before you start your day to meditate and put your spirit in check. If you are spiritually imbalanced, it will show forth in your physical behavior. I know some who take time to say a prayer for themselves so that their day maybe well guarded.
2. Exercise- We all know the profits of getting in shape. It helps with the mind flow, increases energy which every nanny needs and most of all increases metabolism that helps burn out the unnecessary calories that we find ourselves snacking into with the children. An unfit nanny is unable to keep up with the daily activities children require.
3. Healthy foods- Its imperative as a nanny that you keep up a great diet. Eating foods that are loaded with sugar can end up slowing down your energy towards the end of the day, which is when you need your energy the most especially with dinner, homework and bath time. Try and buy healthy snacks during the weekend to store up for the week, so that when the craving comes knocking in you have a chance to pull out the healthy choice versus the unhealthy snack on impulse.
4. Take your vitamins- As nannies we get exposed to all manner of germs from the children we care for, so taking your essential vitamins are a must to keep your immune system strong and healthy. Visit your nearest health food store and pharmacist that will help you with the right choice of vitamins to take.
5. Read- when the children nap, make use of the time to accrue some knowledge or to keep your mind entertained with great novels. Its proven that reading helps reduce stress, contributes tranquility, improves analytical thinking, improves your memory, improves your vocabulary and writing skills and serves as a great distraction from a busy stressful day.
6. Socialize- socializing is said to be a great stress reliever. Getting together with friends, doing dinner, movies, spa retreats and the likes helps in building up a happier healthy you. Get involved with organizations that celebrate your passion like book clubs, non profit organizations, churches and so on.
7. Visit your doctor for check ups- its important to take care of you and making sure you have what it takes to be mentally and physically capable of handling children. I know most nannies struggle with the area of health insurance, but there are some programs out there that cater health care for domestic workers such as nannies and housekeepers that are not supported by corporations. is a great program to look into for more information regarding this program please call 908-325-5176, Glenn Davis.

I know that by following these ways, it will help make you a healthier and happier nanny which will be very much appreciated by the children you care for and the parents that hire you..

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